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Imperial 5G Wifi 6 Router




  • Imperial Wireless one of the best Wi-Fi providers is introducing this 5G Wi-Fi 6 Router at an introductory price of $499.99 only. Based on a brand-new embedded platform, the 5G Wi-Fi 6 Router can fulfill the rising demand for mobile connections and deliver incredibly fast speeds. It is a highly reliable 5G industrial host with fast speed, a quick connection, wide coverage, and low latency. It supports NSA/SA dual-mode, is plug-and-play compatible with all network types worldwide and provides unlimited Wi-Fi deals, and ultra-high-speed broadband connections wherever you need them.


    • The inbuilt modem offers the greatest 5G mobile broadband speed and functions with an interconnected global 5G to 2G multi-mode.
    • The cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology offers faster wireless lines, more client connections, lower latency, and the best network efficiency owing to OFDMA and DL MU-MUMI.
    • While watching UHD videos and playing online games during peak home hours, the CPE’s output of 6 spatial streams and 3100Mbps wireless bandwidth gives you confidentiality. Without a doubt, it is the investment that can withstand the future.
    • The CPE supports wireless hybrid networking and mesh technology. By including one extra MESH+ node, it is incredibly easy to cover all corners and dead zones. It enhances wireless network deployments and enhances enjoying unlimited internet.
    • Introductory price of $499.99


    • Enables download speeds of up to five Gbps, which is thirty-three times faster than 4G LTE.
    • Provide incredible Wi-Fi speeds up to 3600 Mbps with two Wi-Fi bands
    • Using industry-standard mesh technology, Easy Mesh offers complete home Wi-Fi coverage.
    • WAN/LAN Ethernet port with 2.5G connectivity for lightning-fast wired transmission.
    • Keep in connection with your family via video conferencing


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    • Further, it can be returned complimentary or exchanged within fifteen working days.

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